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Jan 7, 2019

In this channeled message Shaltazar helps us understand how manifestation and creation works.

Once you truly embody and integrate this wisdom getting what you want in life will be easier and with less effort.


Here is an exert from this message: 

"So if you wish to allow creation to be easier and more effortless for you, then consider retraining your mind. Stop judging and second-guessing your doing. Simply allow yourself to do from a place of unconditional love, not from a place of fear and judgment. When the mind is more supportive of your doing, your creations will come easier and also faster. Stop allowing your mind to deter you from having all that you dream of. The thoughts that come from your mind have a vibration, an energy as does everything. That thought vibration creates a feeling vibration. And although some may think that it is the feeling that creates the thought that is irrelevant for this conversation. You see feelings create and there is no doubt that your thoughts affect greatly your feelings. Negative, judgmental thoughts create feelings of doubt and often despair. Those feelings prevent what you are taking action on, from becoming that which you truly wish for. And so you do, and do and do some more, but your actions often do not make your creation come alive the way you want it to. And thus you “think” you need more action, harder effort, for your creation to become a reality. But that is not the case. It is not the amount of action that makes your creation come alive. It is how you feel about your action, your doing that has the greatest effect. It is not what you do as much as how you feel about what you are doing that has the greatest impact on your creations. Learn to feel the vibration of your doing. Is your doing easy, fun, enjoyable, or is it difficult, tiring, onerous and challenging?

The sooner you allow your doing to feel good, to feel light, to feel fun and to feel enjoyable, the sooner manifestation will come to you more easily and faster."