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May 24, 2019

Sybil Nance joins me in this episode as discuss the Shaltazar message "Separation or Unity - The Choice is Yours."  This is a very powerful message about getting a deeper understanding of how separation and unity show up in our world. We talk about how we can bring more unity in our lives and thus help our planet come from a place of greater unity. Sybil uses examples from her Yoga training and practices to help us understand this insight to a greater degree.

You can listen to the channeled message in its entirety in Episode SP 015 Part 1.

Sybil Nance is a spiritual intuitive living and supporting the community in Mobile Alabama. As a Yoga Therapist, she is trained to work in the realms of the healing arts, holding a lamp of intuitive and guided channeled wisdom. Sybil shines the light for others to tap inward to their own healing powers: physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. She does so in private sessions, workshops and on retreats.  
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