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May 24, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"It is the opportunity to move your entire planet to a place of greater Unity, to the place of Oneness while still in human form. For you see there are now two very important choices. And the intensity of this energy is making these two choices more evident. Will you choose to move to more fear, more separation or will you choose to move to more love, to more Unity? As always on the planet of free choice, you and only you will decide. So in these intense, turbulent times, your focus should be very singular. Yes, We know there is so much going on in your world that at times it seems so complicated, so complex. With the issues of health, abundance, relationships, careers, children, crime, politics and on and on it is difficult to comprehend that the focus should be so singular, so simple. But let Us assure you that is the case. The answer to your challenges that you are facing is to merely bring it down to one question, two choices. Separation or Unity.

Yes, that is the question that you must ask yourself often. It is time if you choose to get a deeper understanding of separateness and Unity. We have explained to you before how fear is separateness, greed is separateness, doubt is separateness, the mind is separateness, the ego is separateness, judgment is separateness, destructive criticism is separateness, blame is separateness. And We have also explained how faith is Oneness, feeling is Oneness, courage is Oneness, love is Oneness, empathy is Oneness, acceptance is Oneness, understanding is Oneness." - Shaltazar

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