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May 17, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"Take a moment and just be still. Do nothing. Think nothing. Simply be still. What comes up? Is it love or is it judgment? Do you sense your loving heart or your obsessive mind? Can you feel the love in every cell of your body soothing and caressing you? Do you feel a warmth and sense of security throughout all your being? Do you feel like everything is not only going to be okay but it will be wonderful? Do you feel supported and accepted? Do you feel cherished and respected? Do you feel honoured and exalted? Do you feel calm and at peace? If you do then you are beginning to connect with the Unconditional Love that has been put in your DNA by the Source.

What We have described are just a few aspects of that Unconditional Love. If you did not feel that love ask yourself why. If you did not truly feel the Unconditional Love maybe it’s because you have allowed yourself to disconnect from it. Yes, that Love is your birthright, your gift from God, that which can keep you safe. Have you forgotten it, have you disconnected from it?" - Shaltazar

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