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May 10, 2019

In this episode, my guest is Lorree Appleby and we will be dissecting the Shaltazar message "Reconnecting to Your Unconditional Self Love." Lorree was my guest in Episode 007 where we discussed the first part of this channeled message. She has returned to discuss the second part of this very powerful and life-changing message. Lorree also talks about forgiveness and how it an essential part of love.

You can listen to the channeled message in its entirety in Episode SP 013 Part 1.

Lorree Appleby is a certified Radical Living Master Coach, Speaker, and the creator of the Soul Adventure game, where you use your intuition and inspired action to create clarity and transformation in life! 
Her journey within led her to guide others to heal their hearts and live with expanded awareness and soul purpose in a gentle and permanent way.
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