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Apr 5, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"What We are saying is try not to allow your imagining, your dreaming, your desiring which often feels so light, so fluffy, so happy, so joyous, to be any different (separate) from your doing, from your actions. You believe that which comes from the yang, from the masculine needs to have structure, order, and discipline. Once again We point out that if that action is not judged if results cannot be wrong or right, if you are prepared to allow your actions to feel light, fluffy, happy and joyous, you will begin to see creation occur much easier. It is the struggle, the pushing, the need to, the shoulds that actually make creation more onerous and in actual fact slow down the process. When you learn to practice allowing the masculine, the yang, the doing, to be as enjoyable as the imagining, the dreaming, the desiring, then you will find that creation occurs with greater ease." - Shaltazar

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