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Mar 29, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"By letting go of your linearity, your physicality, even for brief moments allows you to go back Home so to speak. To move out of your temporary separation and back into the Unity that you truly are. Now We cannot promise that temporarily moving back to Oneness will make all of your human struggles disappear. That cannot be, for then your life may not fulfill its purpose. But a temporary trip back Home can help you cope with what may seem as the endless trials and tribulations that human life brings forth. So what We are suggesting is to give yourself a break from the struggle inherent in human life. Come Home to Us so you can recharge and become reinvigorated. So you can rest and re-energize. Meditation, quieting the mind has been around on your planet for a long time. It is but one practice that helps you achieve greater harmony, balance and the Unity of the Higher Realms. There are many, many ways to move above while being below. We urge you in these somewhat troubled times to find your oasis of calm. There are two purposes for our urgings." - Shaltazar

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