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Jan 28, 2019

Here is an excerpt from this message:

Part of your DNA is programmed with the desire to seek. But alas We regret to inform you that you will never find all the answers you search for. Your discomfort with the unknown is a part of the plan. It is a very important part of your makeup. You are not comfortable with the mystery of what is next, or even with life itself. And thus you search and seek, always looking for more. Looking for the whole truth. Looking, searching, seeking but never content with what is. And that is part of your makeup. It is part of the design.

And so you ask “Am I sentenced to forever strive but to never arrive. Will I search my whole life and never find what I search for?”

And We say to you that is the human reality. But We can tell you that you do have a very important power that is seldom used by the human species. A power that can set you free. No, that power will not allow you to stop searching, to stop looking for more. Know that the need for “more” is in your DNA. The power We refer to is the power to choose. Yes, the power to choose how you will respond to your endless searching, your endless desire to be in control, to know all the answers. The power to choose how you can respond to not knowing what is over the hill or around the next corner. The power to feel more comfortable, more at ease with your not knowing.

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