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Mar 15, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"But now for the essence of today’s teaching. Why aren’t you spending time and resources trying to figure out more of the total Operating System of Life? Why aren’t you trying to understand the greater picture – the Whole. You may have figured out how cause-and-effect works in the sciences and technology, but what about the rest of life. We have told you that all LIFE has purpose. Nothing the Source creates is without purpose. All operate within the principle of cause and effect. And each cause and how the effect arises is laid out in the Operating System of Life. It would serve you well to spend more time trying to understand how cause and effect work all around you. But don’t do so in a logical and linear way or you will be unable to truly grasp this concept. You strive to have longevity with your human body, but you have not yet put enough attention on the rest of life. You tend to focus on the parts instead of the Whole. That is why you haven’t yet figured out how to use the full capacity of your brain. You focus too much on the individual parts of life and you have not yet learned to put attention on the Whole of Life. " - Shaltazar

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