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Mar 7, 2019

In this episode, my guest is Sharron Katz and we will be dissecting the Shaltazar message "Embracing the Spectrum of Emotions." Listen to a great discussion as Sharron and I talk about emotions and how they affect our lives.

You can listen to the channeled message in its entirety in Episode SP 008 Part 1.

Sharron Katz:

One is born an artist- a decision our soul makes before arriving. The conversation in the spirit world;

Me; "I want to create- be a driven creative genius!  

Universal Guardian;  Ok... but it's not the easiest life...

Me; "I see no other way- I have to put colour and glitter into every part of life.  I have to sing and write...

UG; " Okay we hear you!  This is who you are meant to be.  We can place you where creativity abounds's a bit of a crazy house...may not be so easy...but your creativity will be honoured.

A graduate of Ryerson’s fashion design program Sharron began her creative career designing leather and shearling outerwear. Her talent was recognized by several designers in the Canadian television and film industry and Sharron expanded her business to include designing one-of-a-kind pieces for a plethora of notable personalities.

When her daughter was born she switched to writing and visual art- it’s all she could do in between her career as the greatest mom in the world.

Sharron currently lives in Stratford Ontario- her brilliant progeny in 4th-year media production. She writes, paints, designs cozy up-cycled sweaters and oh..yes she’s also a musician- singer-songwriter with a 3 CD discography, working on CD #4.



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