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Mar 7, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"We hear you Our brother, Our sister. We feel you. Embrace your confusion, your uncertainty. Embrace what you feel always. Yes, We have told you that many times before. And We feel the doubt you are feeling about this matter. We understand how difficult it is to embrace or even accept the darker, less comfortable feelings. And We know many tell you that you don’t have to give in to the lower and slower feelings. But unfortunately, that is not truth. That is not how it works. We have told you before that feelings are truth and yet you don’t want to accept that truth when it feels uncomfortable. We certainly understand why you want to do so. You believe life is about finding happiness, joy, bliss, and love and when you find it you want it all of the time. We wish that could occur for you in human form, but it cannot. Yes, we repeat, it CAN NOT!

Since this place called Earth is the place of free choice it is not mandatory that you feel this full spectrum of emotion. That has always been and always will be your choice. And for whatever reason, many possibly most of your world has chosen to deny, or escape from, or suppress, or run away from a very important part of that emotional spectrum. Of course, you know We are referring to the lower and slower, the uncomfortable, the unpleasant feelings. Many of you have engaged the assistance of your minds to allow you to escape from these undesirable feelings. You thought if you allowed your mind to protect you then you could avoid the discomfort that comes with these lower vibrational feelings. You practice diligently to avoid these feelings and have mastered the Art of Disconnection. For you see, you cannot stop feeling, but you can disconnect from what you feel. But in so doing you are disconnecting from your Truth. For feelings are Truth. And so you have chosen to live a lie, cutting yourself off from your Truth." - Shaltazar

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