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Feb 28, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"So how can you reconnect with your Unconditional Self Love more of the time? Think about ways you are not fully loving yourself enough. How has judgment nudged out your self-love? How have the actions of others made it hard to truly love yourself? Make a list of things you can do that will allow you to love yourself more fully. In order to assist in this, ask yourself the question, “If I truly loved myself unconditionally, I would …………now fill in the blank.  Reflect, ruminate and meditate on this question often. Write down the answers and make a list of all the things you would do that allows you to feel more unconditionally loved by yourself. Take action to make your list become a reality. Stop looking for love outside of yourself and instead find ways to cultivate that love you so desperately seek within you. Stop giving credence to the opinions of others. Practice self-talk that is loving and nonjudgemental. Be more kind and gentle with yourself. Rest when you are weary. Don’t push so hard to achieve, but instead take time to just be. Let go of regrets. Let go of self-judgment." - Shaltazar

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