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Jan 14, 2019

In this channeled message Shaltazar encourages us to connect to the formless part of us. By doing so we will be able to rest and re-energize from the turbulent times we are going through on planet Earth. Also, we will be able to connect to our personal power center.

Here is an exert from this message:

"Because there is more to you than the physicality that is your form. Oh yes so much more. And the choice as always is yours. Do you wish to see life from your form, your linearity, your denser physicality or do you choose to peek behind the Veil so to speak? Do you choose to glimpse at life beyond the physicality, beyond the linearity, beyond time and space? It is possible if you choose, but not all of the “time”. You may transcend the linearity some of the “time”, but alas you have chosen human form for a purpose. And when that purpose is complete you will return to Us, to the place of no form, no time, no space – to the Unity of All.

“So what purpose does it serve to gaze out into the stars, the heavens, the place that is beyond form?” you ask.

So that you may know thyself. So you may know that you are more, so much more than the form you know by your name. For that form has come forth from the formless to learn, to grow and to allow the All to expand. That could not be if you did not descend into the lower, denser realms. The realms of form, the realms where the duality is so evident. And some may say a harsher, more challenging, and more difficult place. And for many that may be the case. For in the place of form where the vibration is lower you have been cut off from the Source, your lifeblood, so to speak, the Love that you came from. And often in your separation, you experience a greater struggle. Let Us assure you that the struggle of human life is not a punishment. No, it is an opportunity. Yes, a great opportunity to experience life, or a part of life beyond the Unity, the Oneness that you came from." - Shaltazar