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Nov 6, 2019

The Shaltazar Podcast is about using spiritual wisdom, insights, principles, and practices to integrate and embody into our lives in a practical way

My guest on this episode is Manya Welch:

Everything I do is inspired from a connection that exceeds physical boundaries. I believe that using creative expression to convey the inner whispers of your higher self, such as, happiness, peace, courage and love help you keep your vibration high. I create intuitively inspired paintings with images and colours that speak directly to you by bringing the colourful energies and the spiritual essence alive on the canvas which acts as a focal point for inspiration throughout your day.

 My artistic practice is one of the ways I help people to stay inspired and keep their vibration high as I believe having something you can look at daily even for a few minutes that feeds positive emotions is one of the ways you can harness that connection to source and your higher self.

 I’m a firm believer that changes happen from within and that we hold an extraordinary spiritual power which everyone can access and the starting point for that is our mindset, so alongside my art practice I also share my own insights in to the other ways you can bring your spiritual essence into the forefront of the human life experience through my vision board, intuitive art and Law of attraction workshops because the two do not have to be separate.

 As a Lightworker I’ve come to understand that my call to service is for people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey where there is some knowledge in that something exists beyond the physical and they have become more aware but at the same time having to continue their human life experience where nothing external has changed.

 This is often a challenging time, and the awakening process can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotions where you are trying to connect all the dots together and make sense of your external world from a different internal perspective. Through my intuitive art and my workshops it is my intention to help you through this transition.

In Warmth