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Oct 30, 2019

The Shaltazar Podcast is about using spiritual wisdom, insights, principles, and practices to integrate and embody into our lives in a practical way

My guest on this episode is Dr. Carol Waldman.

Dr. Carol Waldman has been a practicing dentist for greater than 35 years.  While previously aware of documented stories about the afterlife and the greater reality, none of this really penetrated Carol’s life philosophy other than to acknowledge that life and our world was too wondrous to believe it to be the result of happenstance.  

Then 3 years ago, Carol’s life came to a crashing halt with the suicide of her only daughter, Jordana.  But that was only the very beginning of Carol’s journey.  For on her emergency flight home from vacation, Carol kept hearing her daughter’s voice begging her to let her go and remove her from life support.  This was followed by Jordana’s bedside visit the day after her death asking Carol to understand why Jordana felt so compelled to leave her life.  This visit, so real and vivid, initiated the wonderous (and captivating) things that happened to Carol following Jordana’s death.  And Carol, being a constant seeker of knowledge then embarked on a life long journey and struggle to both communicate with her daughter and learn about our existence on this Earth plane and the greater reality that exists for all of us.  


You can connect with Carol at