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Oct 30, 2019

The Shaltazar Podcast is about  using spiritual wisdom, insights, principles, and practices to integrate and embody into our lives in a practical way

My guest on this episode is Jonathan Morgan.

Ever a lover of being outdoors, Jonathan is invigorated when paddling, running, cycling, or simply walking through Toronto with his dog. He’s in his element when he is interacting with various communities he encounters while outside, whether they be a plant, insect, earth, air, human, etc.  

He has had a lifelong interest in health from a wholistic perspective and believes in empowerment through ongoing development and self-awareness. In 2008, Jonathan graduated from Centennial College’s massage therapy program with honours. He has taken additional training in sports massage, hydrotherapy, and mindfulness meditation. Since 2010, he has taught in the massage therapy, pharmacy technician, and practical nursing programs at Centennial College. Throughout that process, he has extended his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical anatomy. Additionally, Jonathan runs a successful massage therapy practice out of his home in downtown Toronto.

In 2019, Jonathan received an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto with a double major in sociology and indigenous studies and a minor in Buddhist psychology. In the future, using a wholistic framework, he hopes to work through various disciplines including meditation, reiki, counselling, and massage therapy. Currently, he is in the process of applying for master's programs in counselling psychology.

Part of his self-care regime involves nurturing his witch-y side, which is loosely framed around paganism, Buddhism, and an armchair enthusiasm for tarot and astrology. Lately, Jonathan’s focus is to maintain a sense of equilibrium by attempting to tend to his health wholistically whilst having a good time throughout.

You can connect with Jonathan at