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Apr 10, 2020

Letroy Woods

       Clearfield, Utah


There is a knowledge that profoundly changes people's lives that very few people know about. This knowledge cannot be learned in an institution. Experience is the only way to obtain this knowledge, and upon gaining its contents a person's life is forever changed for the better. I gained access to the faculties within us through my experience with death. Let me share this knowledge with you that will transform your life in every area.

The understanding of what a human being is, and capable of opens the door for the person looking. We are all here to solve a problem and this is where your potential lies. Most people are living the dream of someone else. Getting the body to follow the instructions of the mind is the road that leads to riches.

One cannot be sold on which they already possess. With your permission, I will show you how to access the power within you. My gift to society is that I have been shown through experience the greatness that a person possesses. Answering just a few questions starts the conversation that will change your life forever. Who are you? What are you? What do you want? To answer these questions correctly only comes from a place where the answer can only be.

My life's work is to create awareness in my community and have a conversation about human potential, growth, and awareness. Possibilities surrounded the person who is looking. In pursuant to my own potential I have had success in all areas of my life. Human beings are meant to be creators of life and not reactors. Results are the measurement of success.

We learn through experience not from knowledge itself. Knowledge is useless unless a person knows how to apply it. My goal is to support those that have a mission, purpose, or passion of reaching their highest levels of potential. I help small businesses get more clients, help clients fall in love with their spouses again, parents understand their children better, and on a personal level help my clients to know happiness and success.