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The podcast is about using spiritual wisdom, insights, principles, & practices to integrate & embody into our lives in a practical way.

Guests share the story of their spiritual journey as well as how their spiritual beliefs, insights, and practices have helped them live a better life. These life stories help others better understand and accept life’s challenging opportunities for learning, expansion, and growth. I will be bringing forth the Teachings of Shaltazar and explaining how these higher truths can be used to change lives in a positive way.

During the "Ask Coach Jeffrey" episodes, Jeffrey answers questions he gets asked repeatedly during his sessions and questions submitted by the listeners. Jeffrey's unique style of coaching encompasses a practice of intuition, acceptance and empowerment, to guide listeners toward significant and meaningful change.

The Jeffrey Eisen Podcast is all about integrating Spiritual wisdom into your life in a practical way.

Are you interested in being a guest on the Jeffrey Eisen Podcast?

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