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Shaltazar Podcast - Divine Messages for Challenging Times


Welcome to the Divine Teachings of Shaltazar

In a recent communication with Shaltazar, I expressed my disappointment that people may not be benefiting enough from their teachings. I was reminded that these are Master Teachings about the Higher Truths and principles of life. They reiterated that it was up to us to understand, integrate and embody these higher notions or principles in order to make our life better.  

When I asked what I could do about this I was told to consider providing more in-depth explanations, commentaries, and clarifications about the teachings. I decided a series of blogs and a podcast may be a good way to do so. When I inquired what I should call these deeper interpretations and explanations the word that came back was The Kabalyon. I have no idea what it means but so it shall be.

This podcast is a part of The Kabalyon or the explanations, interpretations, and commentaries of the Teachings of Shaltazar.






Jan 21, 2019

Here is an expert from this channeled message:

"When you lose your connection to Source, to Oneness, you are merely resting from your assent. But when you lose that connection if you panic, if you worry, and if you wallow in your discomfort, you will cease your assent.

To transcend this, you must move to the Art of Complete Self Love. Simply love yourself fully no matter what state you are in. Love as We Love – unconditionally and absolutely. Love the misery, love the sorrow, love the panic, love the fear, love the frustration, love the anger, and even love the evil. To love does not necessarily mean to enjoy – but Love none the less.

Embrace ALL of you and by doing so you WILL embrace the ALL in everyone and everything. Continue to let go of your linearity. Let go of the need to understand and explain.

Simply Love All!!"

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