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Shaltazar Podcast - Divine Messages for Challenging Times

This podcast provides more in-depth explanations, commentaries, and clarifications of the teachings of Shaltazar. The podcasts will help you integrate and embody the Divine Wisdom into your everyday life.






Mar 15, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"But now for the essence of today’s teaching. Why aren’t you spending time and resources trying to figure out more of the total Operating System of Life? Why aren’t you trying to understand the greater picture – the Whole. You may have figured out how cause-and-effect works...

Mar 7, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"We hear you Our brother, Our sister. We feel you. Embrace your confusion, your uncertainty. Embrace what you feel always. Yes, We have told you that many times before. And We feel the doubt you are feeling about this matter. We understand how difficult it is to embrace or even...

Feb 28, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"So how can you reconnect with your Unconditional Self Love more of the time? Think about ways you are not fully loving yourself enough. How has judgment nudged out your self-love? How have the actions of others made it hard to truly love yourself? Make a list of things you can do...

Jan 28, 2019

Here is an excerpt from this message:

Part of your DNA is programmed with the desire to seek. But alas We regret to inform you that you will never find all the answers you search for. Your discomfort with the unknown is a part of the plan. It is a very important part of your makeup. You are not comfortable with the...

Jan 21, 2019

Here is an expert from this channeled message:

"When you lose your connection to Source, to Oneness, you are merely resting from your assent. But when you lose that connection if you panic, if you worry, and if you wallow in your discomfort, you will cease your assent.

To transcend this, you must move to the Art of...