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Shaltazar Podcast - Divine Messages for Challenging Times

This podcast provides more in-depth explanations, commentaries, and clarifications of the teachings of Shaltazar. The podcasts will help you integrate and embody the Divine Wisdom into your everyday life.






May 24, 2019

Sybil Nance joins me in this episode as discuss the Shaltazar message "Separation or Unity - The Choice is Yours."  This is a very powerful message about getting a deeper understanding of how separation and unity show up in our world. We talk about how we can bring more unity in our lives and thus help our planet come...

May 17, 2019


In this episode, my guest is Nadia Kim and we  talk about the Shaltazar message "Reconnecting to Your Unconditional Self Love."  Although we have discussed this message on another podcast you won't want to miss this amazing conversation about self-love. Nadia shares some fantastic and very useful advice on how we can...

May 10, 2019

In this episode, my guest is Lorree Appleby and we will be dissecting the Shaltazar message "Reconnecting to Your Unconditional Self Love." Lorree was my guest in Episode 007 where we discussed the first part of this channeled message. She has returned to discuss the second part of this very powerful and life-changing...

Apr 5, 2019


In this episode, my guest is Dr. Joe Sas. We dissect and discuss the Shaltazar message "Understanding the Laws of Manifestation." Listen to a great discussion as Dr. Joe and I talk about understanding how manifestation occurs and how you can create more easily and faster the things you want in life.

You can listen to...

Apr 5, 2019

Here is an excerpt from the message: 

"What We are saying is try not to allow your imagining, your dreaming, your desiring which often feels so light, so fluffy, so happy, so joyous, to be any different (separate) from your doing, from your actions. You believe that which comes from the yang, from the masculine needs to...